To use your credit card to pay for your Timberwolfe Yule guest fees, follow the instructions below and click on the Add to Cart button.

NOTE: ONLY enter the number of people attending, UP TO the number of people invited on your invitation.

(i.e. If your invitation is for you + 1 guest, then you can enter up to 2)

Please do not include in your payment anyone not included on your RSVP.
We will consider any extra fees paid by/for extra people as donations to Timberwolfe Household and its charities.

Log in with your existing PayPal account, or if you are not already a PayPal member, you will be required to sign-up for a free personal account.
Once you have done this you will need to confirm payment with the selected credit card.

NOTE: to offset the cost of PayPal processing fees we are charging those who use this option an additional $1.60 per person.

Once you have completed the process you will be sent an email confirmation.
Fill out the RSVP that was emailed to you and make sure you specify your payment type was ‘PayPal’


REMINDER: Only those who received an invitation should use this website. If you submit a payment
For the Timberwolfe Yule Feast and you have not received an invitation directly, your money will be
considered a donation to the Timberwolfe Household and it’s charities.

Registration Form


Registration Types

PayPal Instructions

First choose Adult, then click "Add to Cart", another window will open for PayPal.  If you have to add children, click on "Continue Shopping" at the top right of the page and it will bring you right back to the Timberwolfe registration page, then select Child and click "Add to Cart" again.  Child should be added to the list. Adjust your quantities for number of adults and number of children then proceed to checkout.