What should I bring?
All that’s necessary is your medieval attire, feast gear, quencher, and yourselves.

What is the parking situation at the Yule Feast hall?
Parking is less of a concern than our previous site; we still recommend people
Carpool or utilize the shuttle from the hotel when possible.

Where does my brood and I get to sit?
With the exception of the Head Table, seating is first come, first choose. Generally,
Tables without place settings or drinks already positioned are open.

The whole “no weapons for kids under 18” doesn’t apply to my special snowflake, right?
Yes, it does. No weapons allowed, real, or foam, or wood, or plastic, or vorpal.

I want to bring my mother/father/neighbor/cattle prod/specially trained poo-flinging monkey/will there be strippers/prostitutes/beer/lube/umbrellas?
Hopefully, hopefully! Of course, of course! But that would ruin the whole point of bringing
A specially trained poo-flinging monkey, wouldn’t it?

Where should I send photos for the slideshow?
Send your pics of friends and family to Timberwolfeyule@gmail.com.

But, seriously, there are other people I’d like to see invited – how can I get them on the list?
Please send additional guest suggestions to the Timberwolfe Yule email Timberwolfeyule@gmail.com.
Members of the household will review suggestions and respond as rapidly as possible.